Nature-Based, Parent and Child, Cooperative Program serving families with children age 13 months through 5 years.

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Created to provide families with children 4 to 10 the opportunity to learn and develop love and character thru nature.

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After School

Outdoor classes, field trips and special events offered with the support of our partners for the whole family without age range.

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A Place were Children Blends with Nature

Founded in 2010 by a mom, Buzz-y Kids began like a playgroup and developed into a 501 (c) (3) Non-For-Profit Organization in July 2013. With the support of The City of North Miami and our partners: Earth N' Us Farm, The gathering Place, Out of the Ashes Foundation and Amerikua Permaculture, we offer All Inclusive outdoor classes, nature-based cooperative programs, field trips, and Parenting related Workshops for families with children up 12 years old. Financial Aid is available for Low income families under request.
*Definition of Buzz-y: A low, vibrating, humming sound, as of bees. Move busily from place to place.  A feeling of intense 
enthusiasm and excitement. Exciting and Lively. Someone busy like a buzzy bee.