The Story Behind the Community

Patricia Leon

Patricia Leon and her daughter.

Through the years, the Buzzy Kids community has grown due to the fact that parents can find a variety of programs for them and their children offered in an outdoor setting. We, the facilitators offer to our families the best of them to help them to nurture new friendships at their communities and allow a social, emotional and physical development in children who are part of our programs.

Since 2011, I began working on this journey for the benefit of my daughter and the children of all the parents who shared my vision. I believe that any child, of any age is capable to absorb knowledge if the adult on charge of it’s early years leave behind paradigms and have the basic knowledge to guide and offer them the freedom to learning thru exploration, and to expose them to different experiences and environments.

After four years, the playgroup that began by gathering parents from Miami Beach to do field trips and other activities our children weren’t able to participate in due to their young age or because they were not attending school, received the status of a 501 C3 Non-For-Profit Organization.

2012 was a year of risks, after some opportunities were granted to our community, we began to offer our own programs; this was more work than I was expecting but so far it has been a rewarding job.

It has been a long journey, but at the end of each wall, we always found a way to remain here between the community, searching for an opportunity to change the status quo and implement in Miami some of the alternative movements about Forest Kindergartens and Nature Schools.

Patricia Leon, moved to Miami from Perú in 2008 without relatives, in 2009 her only daughter was born and with her the project called Buzzy Kids. In 2010 she began gathering parents in South Beach, specially families without relatives in Miami to build a sense of community and belonging for them and their kids.

With more than a decade experience as a Leadership Consultant at a Peruvian university, specialist in adult education, a Montessori Homeschooler Mom with a certification to work with children 0 to 6 years old, she decided to organize affordable educational programs to create new experiences and opportunities for babies and younger children. Currently she spends her time in the role of mother, wife, Founder of Buzzy Kids and Director of Miami Nature Playschool, she is also an independent consultant for Cornell University – Latam Division and the only Certified Forest Kindergarten teacher in South Florida by Cedarsong NatureSchool.