Connecting Children with Nature


Our Mission

The mission of BUZZY KIDS is to provide a quality natural environment to nurture and guide children to develop emotionally, socially, Intellectually and physically in order to build strong families and communities, while initiating them into a meaningful and lifelong relationship with the nature world.

 Our Philosophy

  • Serving parents and young children in a way that nurtures to appreciate the individuality and diversity of cultures.
  • Assisting children and parents in their interactions with each other offering opportunities for cooperative learning.
  • Creating opportunities for parents to become a positive role model for their children.
  • Encouraging critical thinking, problem solving and reflection by asking open-ended questions and providing adequate information in response to children’s ideas, thoughts and concerns.
  • Developing activities that encourage exploration and creativity to help develop their abilities and personal interest.
  • Providing an environment rich enough to provide multiple opportunities to encourage experimentation and discovery.