Miami Nature Playschool at EARTH ‘N’ US ORGANIC FARM



Founded by Ray Chasser, Earth N Us is called a hidden gem in Miami, 8 minutes away from Midtown is a camouflaged permaculture farm in the middle of a neighborhood of single houses under the shadow of the gumbo-limbo trees, winding philodendron vines and the excitement of a towering tree-house.

A vegetable garden and plant grows densely in multiple layers, and pigs, chickens, emus, turkeys and goats live in large enclosures where children can feed and interact with them.

Children learning on a farm environment leaves behind the ignorance of the new generation about where the food they eat comes from.

Classes at the farm are 100% outdoor, we recommend this community to families with children older than 3 years old (potty trained) but any family with younger children can try the program at this location under Mommy & Me model to confirm if fits their family needs and aspirations about how much raw nature, they wants to expose their children since a young age.

Miami Nature Playschool Farm Kindergarten at Earth N Us includes in it’s program composting, worm farming, gardening, mud kitchen, climbing trees and interaction with hens, pigs and goats.